Downloading Skin on Vrchat

So you want to get a cool skin but don't have the money or time to design one? Here is a way for you to do it! Actually, not only can you do it, but also in a few easy steps with a preferred image editing software and Vrchat. This method isn't exactly fast from start from finish, however it's a great method to make attachments for your main avatar or change up an old one.

First off you need the skinning software Vrchat offers. To get this go to the creator page and scroll down until you see 'Skins' under 'Profile' click that, then click 'Download Vrchat'. Lastly after installing, run the software.

Open up Vrchat and go to where you set your skin. Now on the top right-hand corner of the screen click 'Select Skin' then select the one you want after downloading it. I would recommend that you not use this as a default skin, but rather as an avatar or something secondary.

After selecting the skin you want, it will glitch out and fade back to your old one. This is due to Vrchat not designing for this case of downloading a skin with the software.

So now click 'File' then select 'Skin Settings'. After that go to where it says 'Textures' and uncheck all of them excluding 'Standard'. After doing this click 'Save' and close the program.

Now open up your preferred image editing software, I prefer Paint Tool Sai for digital art, but you can use anything that has layers.

How to make your own skin in vrchat

After opening the program you want to create a new file with white for the background. After doing this make sure it is square, but if it isn't go to 'Image' then click 'Image Size'. Set it up exactly like mine in the image below and click okay. This will ensure that your design is on 100% of the image.

Now with the painting program selected click 'File' then 'Open'. Navigate to where you saved your skin file, which was probably in your documents folder. Then select it and open it up. After doing this go to the top toolbar, which will most likely be lettering tools or an option for layers. If you can't find it go to 'View' then click 'Toolbar'.

What is Vrchat Skin Viewer

After clicking that, you'll see a whole ton of tools. The one we want is 'Fill' and it should be underneath 'Draw'. Now click on this and make sure your current layer is the white background layer. After doing this go to where it says 'Use: White' and change it to whatever color you want. After doing this a new pop out window will appear and the layer should be replaced with your desired color.

Now go to 'File' then select 'Save As'. Set the name as whatever you want, but make sure it ends in '.png'. After that click okay and save it to where ever you want. It should be saved as your design.

Finally go to Vrchat and under 'Skins' select the file you just saved. After doing this click on the skin again and it should be replaced with whatever color is selected in Paint Tool Sai. Now all that's left is to apply it as a skin! Refer to the image below if needed; however, you should be able to do it from memory by now.

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope it helped! If you need any further help feel free to comment below or catch me in vrchat at 'ZombiesInTheBox'. Also if you use my method feel free to make a skin of your own and show me! All of my skins can be found at my Steam group, and they are free to use! See you in vrchat!

Pros and cons of downloading skin on vrchat

Pros: You can make your own skin to wear in vrchat, you don't have to wear the skins provided by vrchat.

Cons: it takes a lot of time, effort and patience to download skin on VrChat. It's not recommended for people who are just starting out with VrChat.


To sum it up, Vrchat skin download is not recommended for beginners of vrchat. But if you want to try out some other skins on vrchat then you can download any of the skins on your phone or on computer and then apply it in your account . I hope this article helped you on downloading Vrchat skin on your own.


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